Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Demonstration: Painting a Cityscape with

Welcome to an Art Blog Carnival on painting demonstrations!

December Demonstration: Venice Cityscape with Acrylics

I used Google Street Views to identify a location in Venice (Calle Cavalli Castello, Venice, Veneto, Italy) .
The combination of water reflecting sunlight and the perspective lines of the walls and windows caught my eye.  The video is a compilation of video and still images for the piece that is not yet finished, as of December 10.

Calle Cavalli Castello, Venice, Veneto, Italy

http://webfiles.uci.edu/mcbrown/demo/Venice_demo.htm   (3:01) - Flash video (updated Dec.18, 2013)

I use acrylics to push me to work faster and experiment with color, blending, and glazing.


A group of painters are writing about our demos for painting tips, techniques, and our work.  There is a variety of artist working styles and media.  Included here are a links to other artists and their work.

Visit the links below to view the December painting demonstrations.

Mitchell Brown

Bill Cook

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Joanne Grant

Kevin Larson

Marla Laubisch

Jo MacKenzie

Christine Parker

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Seaside End" - Isle of Wight

Mitchell C. Brown - "Seaside End" - 2013  7.5" x 11" - pen and watercolor on paper
Submitted to Virtual Paintout for September.  The Google Street link is to Isle of Wight,

Esplanade, East Cowes, England, United Kingdom.

Monday, August 26, 2013

"Detroit River View" - post to Virtual Paintout - August 2013

Mitchell C. Brown - "Detroit River View" - 2013  7.5" x 11" - pen and watercolor on paper
Submitted to Virtual Paintout for August.  The Google Street link is to Stockton Park, overlooking the Detroit River.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Flickr site for earlier works - paintings, sketches

Flickr site (for my paintings)  
I have a series of sketchbook images that I’m working to load to Flickr in a set for “Sketches”.

“St. Matthews at Dusk” - Charleston SC

Mitchell Brown    “St. Matthews at Dusk”    Acrylic on canvas      11” x 14”

Submitted to the Virtual Paintout - July 2013 
St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church 
397 King Street, Charleston, United States 29403